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The only problem? Achieving your goal can feel overwhelming when you go it alone.
As a busy woman, are you ready to start fresh and with accountability so you feel your best all year long?
That's why my signature program -- The Metabolic Repair Method -- is the perfect tool to help you have the best year ever.
Learn game-changing techniques that’ll help you finally rebalance your metabolism.
You can do it without tons of willpower and get off the diet roller coaster for good.
✅ Boost your energy in days without resorting to more caffeine.
✅ Save hours figuring out what to eat that works for your metabolism.
✅ Have the best sleep that leaves you waking up feeling refreshed.
Can You Relate?
It’s 5pm and time to make dinner.

You’ve spent the day working, grocery shopping, doing laundry, sitting in traffic, vacuuming up dog fur, waiting on hold with the DMV …

And you’re starving

If you sit on the couch right now, you know you won’t get up again until tomorrow morning.
Falling woman on couch
Your energy ran out about 3pm and then you ate some mints you found in your bag.

Your muffin top is hanging over your waistband.

You’re feeling run down, you have a tickle in your throat, which makes you anxious about coming down with something.

Of all times, now is not it to have a run-down immune system!

Your mind starts to wander about what you’re going to make for dinner ... again.

Will it be one of the old standbys? Spaghetti. Taco Tuesday. Chicken Casserole. Blah.

You’re tempted to fall back to old habits of ordering take-out from your favorite local place.

But you're tired of feeling tired all the time.

Your health is worth too much. You need a better solution.

Now, you're in a position to put your health first.
Falling woman on couch
You've taken care of others for so long. You can't pour from an empty cup.

You're ready to step outside what you’ve been doing for years -- depriving yourself and not getting lasting results.

Now you've decided you need something different.
You’re ready to take the guesswork out of what meals actually help boost your metabolism.

It’s never been more important to learn the steps to take to have a healthy body, inside and out.

So you can finally wake up refreshed, spend the day with plenty of energy, have a flatter tummy and reach your goal weight without giving up carbs or spending hours working out.
The only problem? Achieving your goal weight can feel impossible when you run out of willpower after the first week.
In Fact, You’re Not Alone If You’ve Ever Felt Like:
  • You don’t know how to get back on track and have no clue what to do first -- it just feels too overwhelming -- so why bother?
  • ​You’ve tried everything under the sun from keto to crossfit to counting points but you still feel bloated, sluggish and frustrated by all the past attempts that didn’t create results that last
  • You’re ready to throw in the towel -- you’re done wasting mental energy following plans religiously but not seeing results that are worth all the effort you put in
How do I know? I can 100% relate to where you're at now. 
Once upon a time, I was always fatigued, 40 pounds overweight in spite of “eating clean” and exercising -- I longed to be the woman who walked confidently into a room, full of energy and pure joy.
It wasn’t until I finally discovered how I had messed up my metabolism and thyroid due to years of dieting and deprivation...

... and then how to repair it all using a much easier way that included my favorite foods that naturally reduce cravings and binges.

This led to my achieving my goal weight over time, sustaining it long-term and gaining natural energy and vitality I wish I’d had in my 30s.

That’s exactly why I created the Metabolic Repair Method to get you off the diet roller coaster and on your way to your goal weight.
Caitlin Russell MS RDN CLT
Caitlin Russell MS RDN CLT
Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist & Holistic Coach
How would it feel to achieve your goals and maintain them long-term?
Imagine A Step-By-Step System That Helps You:

 ✅ Rebalance Your Metabolism Naturally

✅ Learn What It Takes To Get To Your Goal Weight

✅ Have One-On-One Support, Proven Strategies, Tons Of Delish Recipes, and Personalized Feedback 
The Accountability You Know You Need So You Can Ditch the Diet Hamster Wheel and Address the Root Cause of Your Weight Loss Resistance
(while having fun at the same time 😉)
#1 - Know exactly what foods boost your metabolism and what foods suppress it 
#2 - Stop relying on willpower alone and work WITH your metabolic hormones to naturally reduce cravings
#3 - Have the energy to easily keep up with your family and actually start seeing results you like in the mirror 
What others are saying...
"When I started with Caitlin, I had bloating and felt sluggish. Just 3 weeks in, my clothing fits better, I've lost nine pounds, and I generally feel better about how I look. The recipes are great! I highly recommend the program."
"Before working with Caitlin, I had no willpower, felt bloated, gassy and heavy. After I finished, the cravings are gone, I feel less bloated, my clothes fit better, I lost 10 pounds, I feel more positive, am less stressed and I sleep better."
"Before Caitlin's program, I felt bloated and tired. Now that we're done, my clothes feel better. I have more positive thoughts about my appearance. I want to continue with these healthy eating habits."
Before I embraced Instagram... I was stuck. 
It wasn't until I "cracked the Insta code" that I reached my dream lifestyle.
The Metabolic Repair Method
With the Metabolic Repair Method, you’re getting my signature program -- and you can start ANYTIME with 24/7 access. 
Inside the Metabolic Repair Method program, you'll find: 
  • One-on-one virtual coaching sessions via phone or HIPAA-compliant video with a licensed, certified dietitian-nutritionist
  • ​Sessions are designed to focus on YOU, your unique needs and personal goals
  • $450 value
  • ​24/7 lifetime access to 12 weeks of Metabolic Repair Method lessons 
  • ​The audio and video recordings will help you become your own metabolic master quickly
  • ​$697 value
  • 16 weeks of pro-metabolic meal plans professionally designed to help support a woman's metabolism
  • ​Includes easy recipes and complete, printable shopping lists
  • ​$120 value
  • Deep-dive coaching on thyroid and other metabolic lab marker testing results
  • ​Metabolic-fire marker digital assessments at the beginning, midway and completion of the program
  • ​$170 value
  • 12 weeks of virtual group coaching in a private forum 
  • ​Use these virtual coaching sessions to celebrate your wins and ask any questions
  • ​$600 value
  • Bonus lessons on defining your vision and overcoming cravings
  • ​Also includes teachings on stress-blocking exercise, emotional eating and more
  • ​$120 value
  • Personalized feedback and tips on your Metabolic Plate throughout the program
  • ​Weekly check-ins via email to help keep you on track
  • ​$165 value
  • Metabolic mastery handouts and simple action tasks that you can download or print
  • ​These are designed to keep you on track and organized
  • ​$97 value
  • Access to HIPAA-compliant private messaging for on-going support throughout the program
  • ​Whether you have challenges with stress, digestion, or mindset -- get assistance with anything that gets in your way
  • $120 value
  • Includes access to purchase functional nutrition testing so you can compress the time to your goal even more*** 
  • ​Also includes discounts on recommended, targeted, pharmaceutical-grade, metabolically-supportive supplements*** 

***Not included in program pricing; optional; paid separately

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The world of digital marketing is changing so quickly that you need a trusted resource to keep up. Elise is my gal.”
You will not find another program this comprehensive at this value - EVER! 
We look at the WHOLE YOU and get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance.
Once you purchase the 12-week Metabolic Repair Method program -- you’ll immediately receive a welcome email and then you can hit the ground running.
Join today and get access to a special LIVE edition of the course.

Join InstaGrowth Boss & get access to the LIVE teachings of this course, including:
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Let's go back to those "wild wild west" days...
I’ve been growing Instagram accounts through various methods since 2013, when very few brands had realized Instagram's potential. 

So I've spent YEARS...
...Reaching out to influencers, representing my client brands.
...Running giveaways and contests, for my client brands.
And I've been in the app literally every. single. day. since then.

Then, just last year...
I decide to “walk my own talk” with my personal Instagram account @elisedarma – to grow my marketing services business, and to lock in more clients.

When I first started...
In the spring of 2016, I had about 3,000 followers. They were from my years of experimenting with random methods, but to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to my personal account then – I mean, I had client accounts to grow! 
But then I made a switch...
By the summer of 2016, I reached 5,000 followers. That was July 1st.

By September 1st, I reached the coveted 10K mark

And then 30K by November. 

And 50K by February. 

It took just over 6 months to get there from start to finish. 
Along the way, I was building my other social audiences from scratch (including my mailing list, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles), so I had NO OTHER pre-existing community to move over to my Instagram. 

And nope! I never received a major media feature, or coverage by other blogs or Instagram accounts to boost my growth.
That’s why I know my method works. 

Because after years of testing Instagram methods for my clients, I put my OWN personal account to the ultimate test.

And it worked.

That means...
Whether you're growing a personal account, a blog, a service-based business or an online shopyou can replicate the exact methods I took to grow these types of accounts… in a fraction of the time and cost.
The Metabolic Repair Method:
TOTAL VALUE: $2,539*

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($225 charged now; $225 charged in month 2)
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“But why now? Why is this important today?”
This is the FAQ section to answer the most asked questions about your product, as well as appease any final objections to purchasing your product.
Aside from this being an incredible value (😉), you’ll want to jump on this today for a few reasons:

There is never a "perfect time" to start getting different results.
No better time than now to get a jump start on feeling your best so you walk on that beach over the summer with confidence. 

You'll sail through your days being more present than you ever have, taking advantage of all the program has to offer and you'll start to notice the small tweaks you make are helping to move the needle in the direction you want to go.
This signature program is only offered at this pricing for a limited time.
The price of the program will go up eventually, so don't miss out and pay more than you have to.
It’s been such a crazy, weird few years. 
Since March of 2020, we have learned just how important it is to take care of our body and immune system, so do something for yourself that helps move the needle for you. You deserve it!
Got Questions? I've got answers.
Will the Metabolic Repair Method program feel overwhelming and make me want to give up?
Nope! This is a very organized program meant to compress the time it takes to achieve your goal.

Each step in the program is in the exact perfect order to do things -- you start with a strong foundation and build on that at a pace that feels right for you.

Each step has a small action task to complete at your own pace

Yes, you have to show up for yourself and make some changes. But this is a perfect fit if you know you deserve to feel your best with proven strategies, and the support and accountability you need to succeed.
Can you break down the savings for me?
Sure! You’ll not only become your own metabolic master, you’ll also feel like you got a huge deal. (and you do!)

The Metabolic Repair Method program is valued at over $2,500 USD and it contains just what you need to focus on to achieve your goals -- no fluff.

You’ll have unlimited access to the program immediately and you can return to the program again and again to learn and re-learn all the concepts.

How long will it take to complete the program?
We’ll be together for a total of 12 weeks once you join. During that time, you’ll receive the full support to follow through on your goals.

We’ll be there to hold you accountable to what you want to achieve. What you want is important -- you deserve to feel and look your best!

We’ll help you get there and have the confidence you need to start making small changes that add up to achieving big goals.
Will I have full access to the program or is it “dripped out” one module at a time?
Once you join, you’ll gain full access to the program so you can go as slowly or as quickly through the learning modules as you wish.
What will I get right away after I purchase?
When you invest in the Metabolic Repair Method, you’ll receive a welcome email containing all the information you need. 

You’ll receive your log-in information for the program, how to book your initial session with Caitlin, and how to join the private community where we do our weekly group coaching.
Is this right for me?
This is for you if you’re ready to take control over your metabolism and learn how to best support your thyroid (which controls your metabolism).

This is for you if you’re tired of fad diets, falling on and off the wagon over and over, and tired of having no energy.

If you’re ready to address why you feel bloated all the time, why you don’t sleep well and wake up feeling unrefreshed, this is for you.

If you’re ready to show up for yourself and stop sitting on the sidelines while others are being active and having fun, this is for you.

This is for you if you’re ready to address your cravings and lack of willpower.

If you’re ready to figure out the root cause of your weight loss resistance, this is for you.
Don’t miss out on these huge savings and this level of support and accountability you need to help you achieve your goals. 

It's a proven program that only includes what works.

Be our next success story!
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